CAMT Lab Day Provides Students with Hands-On Job Training

Our CAMT (Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician) students started the class at the beginning of Trimester 3 in March. Even though the CAMT class was taught remotely via Zoom (which enables students from multiple sites to attend simultaneously), the students were sent tools and equipment so that they could follow along with instructor Maurice Neal and get hands-on practice with skills such as drywalling and electrical receptacle wiring. Skills taught during the trimester included:
  • Electrical services and repairs
  • HVAC services and repairs
  • Painting and drywalling
  • Construction services and repairs
  • Mechanical services and repairs
  • Appliance services and repairs
  • Professional behavior patterns, communication skills, and appearance
CAMT Lab Day was an opportunity for students to receive more in-person training and hands-on practice in skills that they had learned remotely. Students from our San Gabriel Valley Conservation Corps sites in El Monte and Pomona and from our Antelope Valley YouthBuild site in Palmdale attended the CAMT Lab Day at the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles on Friday and students from our YouthBuild Inland Empire site in San Bernardino attended Saturday. During the Lab Day, students practiced their skills in appliance repairs, welding, drywalling, and electrical services and repairs. Check out Lab Day photos below:
CAMT students from El Monte working with PVC pipe
Mr. Neal supervises as AV YouthBuild students practice their welding
Maurice Neal teaching the CAMT students about wiringMr. Neal helps students wire their electrical receptacles
YouthBuild Charter School of California students who complete all CAMT coursework (including the Lab Day) and pass the CAMT exam will be placed in a paid summer internship and receive assistance with job placement afterwards, with the potential to earn $35,000 - $55,000 or more a year.
A special thanks to our amazing CAMT instructor Maurice Neal and to Helen Whitcher for facilitating and planning everything!