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YouthBuild Charter School of California is a free, project-based charter school, rooted in social justice, for students between 16-24 years of age.


a Palmdale student speaks with a staff member at the MHALA table

T1 Community Action Project Spotlight: Fresno and Palmdale Sites

Now that the first trimester of 2022-23 has ended, we wanted to highlight the amazing T1 CAPs (Community Action Projects) that our Fresno and Palmdale sites worked on. Our Fresno students and staff worked on a Halloween Safe Night Out event, and our Palmdale students and staff put together an event called "Beautiful Struggles: Seeking Safety Together." Read to learn more about our CAP process and these featured CAP events.
a graduate walks through a door to a future filled with potential

A Better Future Starts With Your High School Diploma

Is earning your high school diploma worth the time and effort? Definitely! With a diploma, you can increase your earning potential and find more job opportunities, go to college or trade school, complete an apprenticeship and get a union job, start a business, or join the military. If you had to leave high school early and are looking for a second chance to earn your diploma, YouthBuild Charter School of California can help!

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  • 15 Years in Operation
  • 15 School Campuses
  • 5,400+ Alumni
  • 64 Full-time Faculty and Staff
  • 71% Graduation Rate