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YouthBuild Charter School of California is a free, project-based charter school, rooted in social justice, for students between 16-24 years of age.


YCSC Student Art Contest flyer

YCSC's Student Art Contest

Earlier this month, we hosted a virtual student art contest where we asked students to submit a piece of art that answered the question, "What does YouthBuild mean to you?" We posted the artwork on our Instagram and Facebook, and students, staff, and their friends and family could vote by liking the posts. Check out all 18 submissions here!
The cover of In Our Own Words: Volume 3, a collection of student writing

Our Students' Creativity Shines In "In Our Own Words: Vol. 3"

For the past several years, teachers in our English Department have worked with students in their classes to assemble a collection of their poetry and writing from the year that they publish in an anthology called "In Our Own Words." The third volume was published in July 2022, and we wanted to share some excerpts.
a graduate walks through a door to a future filled with potential

A Better Future Starts With Your High School Diploma

Is earning your high school diploma worth the time and effort? Definitely! With a diploma, you can increase your earning potential and find more job opportunities, go to college or trade school, complete an apprenticeship and get a union job, start a business, or join the military. If you had to leave high school early and are looking for a second chance to earn your diploma, YouthBuild Charter School of California can help!

At A Glance

  • 15 Years in Operation
  • 15 School Campuses
  • 5,400+ Alumni
  • 64 Full-time Faculty and Staff
  • 71% Graduation Rate