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Free Construction Training For Students

Most YouthBuild Charter School of California sites offer a FREE Construction Career Pathways Training program to young people enrolled at our school who wish to pursue potential career opportunities in the construction or building trades. If you are a current or potential YouthBuild Charter student interested in taking part in our YouthBuild Construction Training Program, please talk to your YouthBuild site’s school counselor about enrolling. 

 The YouthBuild Construction Academy is a pre-apprenticeship construction training program, which offers YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC) students the MC3 (Multi-Craft Core Curriculum) with approval from the North America Building and Trades, and in partnership with Los Angeles/OC Building and Trades Council. The goal of the Construction Academy is to provide young people with an alternative path within education that can equip them with the necessary tools and skills to begin a successful career within the field of Construction.

YouthBuild Charter School of California’s Construction Academy Program:
● ensures implementation of quality instruction, which includes best practice strategies for teaching and learning, across YCSC’s 20 sites
● tracks MC3 data, including curriculum completion of related career placements for students/participants
●schedules trainings, activities, and events at Regional Training Centers, including but not limited to supplemental hands-on training, and credentials to increase the knowledge and skill levels of YouthBuild students who have demonstrated the interest and maturity to pursue careers in construction
● continues engagement with labor management organizations for the purpose of obtaining guest speakers,
● directs highly qualified YouthBuild graduates to registered apprenticeship training opportunities that support local hire Project Labor Agreements.

YouthBuild Charter School of California hosts both a Basic Construction Academy (held during Spring Break) and an Advanced Construction Academy (held in June).

Basic Construction Academy

Participants in the Basic Construction Academy will receive OSHA 10 and CPR/First Aid training, as well as a thorough review and recap of their MC3 training. Upon successful completion of the Basic Construction Academy, students will receive a certificate of completion of the MC3 training.

Requirements for Participation:
– Must successfully complete all of the hands on training hours required
– Must have a completed MC3 Student Assessment Portfolio.
– Must have all the required documentation to attend the Basic Academy in by the appropriate deadlines.

Benefits of Participation:
– Certification in an industry recognized curriculum (MC3)
– Training in CPR/First Aid and a proof of training card
– Training in OSHA 10 and a proof of training card

Advanced Construction Academy

The Advanced Construction Academy is a two week training that prepares students for an apprenticeship in the building trades. The focus of the first week of the academy is advanced employee readiness training. The Academy gives students real world experience in the expectations of the Building Trades, as well as what the student can expect of conditions on a real work site.

Requirements for Participation:
– Must have received certification in MC3 (NCCER and HBI PACT Accepted).
– Must have a letter of recommendation by your YouthBuild Program Director.
– Must have a clean drug test.
– Must have a complete 120 day plan showing their interest in a construction career.

Construction Academy Student Expectations:

1. SHOW UP! In a challenging program like YouthBuild Construction Academy, being here every day is of the highest value. All of the work you will do here – in your academic classes, construction training, and leadership development – is work that builds upon what you had learned earlier. Therefore, missing days can seriously set you back.

2. BE ON TIME! When a team of learners works together, they depend on each other for support. If you are not present when the day or the session begins, your entire group is affected. Do we start without you or wait and lose valuable time? This is not an easy decision for staff to make, so we feel that it is extremely important for you to be on time.

3. PARTICIPATE!  Many times, your work in the YouthBuild Construction Academy will be challenging, but we expect you to try your best. You will be learning new skills and trying new things, and this may frustrate or discourage you sometimes. With this in mind, we are here to support you and want you to put your best effort toward classroom and construction. If you stick with it, your efforts at YouthBuild will turn into success.

4. TEAMWORK! You will need support and encouragement, and the group will need your support as well. YouthBuild gives you the skills you need to become a member in a community of learners. A group that works together, as a team, is more likely to succeed than one that does not. Sometimes this means that your personal desires need to be set aside so that the group can accomplish its goals. It also means that the entire group will help you accomplish something you could not do alone.

About MC3 (Multi-Craft Core Curriculum)

The Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) is a comprehensive apprenticeship readiness curriculum.  It was developed and approved by the Building Trades National Apprenticeship and Training Committee.  In 2012, the U.S. Department of Labor awarded the Building Trades the Department’s Registered Apprenticeship Innovator and Trailblazer Award for the MC3 at its 75th Anniversary celebration.

Multi-craft core curriculum defined is the attainment of essential competencies that apply to most, if not all, of the building trades.

This includes but is not limited to: 

    • Orientation and Industry Awareness
    • Tools and Materials
    • Construction Health and Safety
    • Blueprint Reading
    • Basic Math for Construction
    • Heritage of the American Worker
    • Diversity in the Construction Industry
    • Green Construction
    • Financial Responsibility

The MC3 curriculum places a high priority on employee readiness. Its 120 hour curriculum places a third of those hours in employability skills.