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What makes a YouthBuild Charter School of California student?

Our students come to us from all walks of life. Our youngest students are 16 (though some 15 year-olds who are about to turn 16 are allowed to enroll at certain campuses). Our oldest students are usually between 27-29 years-old, depending on the age limits of the campus. Some of our students come to us needing to complete over 150 credits, and others only need 5 or 10 credits in order to graduate. Some of our students work full or part-time, and others are mothers and fathers of young children. Some of our students left their previous schools because they felt they weren't receiving the attention they needed to be successful. Others were bullied or had difficulty with high-stakes testing. Some of our students aged out of traditional high schools after falling behind on their credits. Others had to leave school when they got pregnant or to care for a sick family member. Some students speak English as a second language or have IEPs or 504 Plans that require additional learning support.  Others have been in and out of school and have fallen behind in their coursework due to homelessness, foster care and/or incarceration
No matter the reason you left your previous school or the amount of time you've been out of school, at YouthBuild Charter School of California you'll find yourself surrounded by peers with the same goal in mind, to earn a high school diploma! One thing almost all of our students and graduates tell us is that YouthBuild Charter School of California feels like a family. Our caring teachers and staff do everything they can to make our students feel supported, no matter what obstacles they've faced. 


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