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Learning Support

Each of our school sites has a learning center, which provide individualized support catered to student needs through scaffolding and differentiation. All students who enter YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC) with an IEP or 504 Plan, whether active or expired, are enrolled in the Learning Center for one hour each day, for specialized academic instruction. The Learning Center is not only for students with IEPs and 504 Plans, but also for students needing additional tutoring in a particular subject.  

Learning Centers are essential components of the overall academic support for the students at YCSC. Their role is to assist, evaluate, motivate, develop, and integrate the curriculum for students with special needs as well as any student in YCSC who may require additional assistance in order to be successful with the YCSC curriculum. The goal of the Learning Center is to help develop positive self-concepts of students who have experienced academic challenges. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, but initially the LC teacher will work with the counselor(s) to review student records in order to develop a positive rapport with the student, parents, and other staff members. The Learning Center teacher aims to move students through the levels of Blooms Taxonomy and explore a variety of methodologies that will best serve the needs of the student. Additionally, the instructor integrates the goals and objectives of the IEP into the lesson. The Learning Center takes place every day during a class period and is taught by a credentialed YCSC teacher.

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