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Janis Matero Arts Scholarship

Janis Matero Arts Scholarship

The Janis Matero Arts Scholarship Fund is a YouthBuild Charter School of California arts scholarship, which aims to celebrate the life of our founder Phil Matero’s sister and is awarded to students pursuing a higher education in the arts. Any donation is gratefully accepted.




Scholarship Recipient Highlight: Kenny Altamirano

Kenny AltamiranoKenny Altamirano is from Gardena/Inglewood and graduated from YouthBuild Charter School of California in 2011. His interest in art began at the age of seventeen, when he realized art was a way he could express himself. Art has impacted his life because it helps through tough times and releases stress. Kenny graduated with his AA degree from Los Angeles Southwest College in 2018 and accepted a full ride scholarship to attend Cal State Los Angeles’s Illustration Program where he is studying for his Animation. He has showcased his work at several galleries and museums in Los Angeles, including: the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG) at Barnsdall Park, and the SoLA Gallery. He used his scholarship funds to pay for school supplies and to buy a car to get to and from school, and he is grateful that the Janis Matero Arts Scholarship is helping him make his educational dreams and vision into reality. Currently, Kenny serves as Art Designer/Assistant Director at Streetcraft L.A. and as an assistant counselor at his alma mater, Los Angeles Southwest College.



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