Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, YouthBuild Charter School of California students need to complete a Senior Portfolio, as well as 200 credits* in the following areas: 30 credits of English, 10 credits of Algebra, 10 credits of Math, 5 credits of Government, 5 credits of Economics, 10 credits of Art/Foreign Language, 10 credits of Biology/Life Science, 10 credits of Physical Science, 10 credits of U.S. History, 10 credits of World History, 10 credits of Technology, 5 credits of Health, 5 credits of Life Skills, 5 credits of Community Service, and 65 credits of Electives. Students do not need to repeat courses for which they have already earned full credit at another school. 
Please note that the CAHSEE is no longer required in California. Instead, all seniors at YouthBuild Charter must complete a Senior Portfolio in order to fulfill their graduation requirements. 
* Students who qualify under AB167/216 (foster/probation youth) or AB1806 (homeless youth) are eligible for a credit reduction waiver. Talk to your counselor when enrolling to verify whether you qualify for a waiver.