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Education Is Forever Scholarship Fund

Now Accepting Applications!

All 2022 YCSC graduates and graduating seniors who plan to attend college in the fall are now eligible to apply for the 2021-22 Education Is Forever Scholarship and Mentorship Program Cohort. Students who are selected will receive a $1,000 scholarship and be paired with a mentor who will help them succeed in college. Education is Forever 2022 flyer

100% of the 2020-21 cohort of Education Is Forever Scholars were successful in persisting through college.
The deadline to apply is May 22nd. 
Students can prepare their application responses in advance using this Education is Forever Scholarship & Mentorship Program Application Toolkit.
When students are ready to apply, they can do so online using this Application Form.
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Co-Founders, Irene Hsieh and Aaron Scholl, launched the Education is Forever scholarship program in 2015. In lieu of a diamond engagement ring and in affirmation of their hope in education’s impact on individuals and communities, they funded the first round of scholarships for the alumni of YouthBuild Charter School of California, the high school where they met as teachers.
Since then, Education is Forever has awarded over $70,000 worth of scholarships to students and mentored 33 students. Our students have gone on to earn industry certifications as well as A.A. and bachelor’s degrees.



To increase educational attainment for young adults from alternative high schools by providing access to supportive resources that allow students to thrive in and out of college.


Students become agents of intergenerational transformation when they are equipped with necessary resources to place education, personal development, and community empowerment at the center of daily life.


  1. Support program members with completing a degree or certificate program at a community college and/or transfer to a university.
  2. Support program members to successfully transition to a career and another living environment upon completing their degree objective at the community college.
  3. Support program members to improve their personal health and wellbeing, and become leaders in their larger community.
  4. Provide community college prep curriculum, professional development, and consulting to help high schools support their students.