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Welcome to the Counseling Center!

Here you will find information about all the counseling services offered at YouthBuild Charter School of California, which includes mental health, academic, and college/career counseling. Most of our school sites have a variety of counselors – from academic counselors with school-wide duties to Masters of Social Work interns with a specific focus on meeting with students daily to address issues. Several sites also offer workshops on Fridays, bi-weekly, or monthly, with focus on things such as resume building, applying for colleges, and other prep deemed necessary for student academic success.

The nature of our partnerships with local YouthBuild programs allows for a multitude of resources to be made available to students that otherwise might not be provided. At various sites, the YouthBuild program provides personnel for counseling and guidance in the areas of vocational education and internships. At the South LA site, for example, students are afforded the opportunity to enroll in college coursework and training that could lead to certification in various trades and skills. At other sites, community partners provide gang-intervention specialists and drug counseling for students with an identified need. 

For more information on our counseling services, please contact a member of our counseling team. We also have an Online Wellness Center and Mental Health Resources available. If you are looking to request transcripts or diploma copies, please use the links on the sidebar.