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Community Action Projects

Authentic Education Through Community Action

Community Action Projects are long term commitments to the neighborhoods where our school sites are based. These projects take place in the local community and seek to address an inequity that exists in the neighborhood. For example, in East Los Angeles, our students wanted to address the fact that their neighborhood lacked access to fresh, healthy produce. That trimester, teachers created a curriculum that gave students the opportunity to study and learn more about food deserts. At the end of the trimester, students worked with a local corner liquor store to add refrigeration units and stock them with fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Other Community Action Projects have included a Health Fair, a Rock the Vote voter registration drive, a Town Hall event and organized protests against sheriff violence in L.A. County jails, and a campaign against gang injunctions. Click here to read more about recent and upcoming community action projects.

 Here’s a great example of what a community action project looks like: 


Below are some other examples of the social justice advocacy work and community action projects that students at YouthBuild Charter School of California have done in their communities. You can also click here to download a PDF with more detailed information on three of our site’s community action projects.:

Boyle Heights students protested the use of sheriff violence in L.A. jails
LA CAUSA students learned about the Occupy Movement by attending Occupy L.A. and interviewing the participants there.
A Lennox student helps administer a free eye exam to a community member at their Health Fair.
Lennox students participated in United Way’s Homewalk to raise awareness about homelessness in their community and the importance of permanent supportive housing.
Fresno students marched in downtown Fresno to mark the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and raise concerns about such things as poverty, education inequality, support for veterans, outsourcing jobs and bad drinking water in some parts of the Valley. Working with the nonprofit HandsOn Central California, they helped distribute over 40,000 pounds of food and cleaning supplies to 820 local families.
South LA students hosted a Town Hall “Teach-In” on Civilian Oversight in L.A. Jails
Norwalk students at our Field of Dreams Learning site out rocking the vote for the 2012 presidential election at Taste of Soul in Crenshaw.
Students from our Boyle Heights site made and sold t-shirts promoting jobs, not jails at a Candidates Forum to inform the community about the candidates for LA County sheriff.
Students from Boyle Heights marched to County Supervisor Hilda Solis’ Office, asking her to 1.) Split the vote and vote on jail spending separate from diversion, 2.) Build no new jails in LA County, and 3.) Support the 1% Campaign: to divert 1% of the law enforcement budget to youth centers and peace-keepers.