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Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

Our Covid-19 School Safety Plan was last updated on 1/20/22. You can view a PDF of the safety plan below or by clicking this link. Recent updates are as follows:

Mask Update (3/11/22):

Due to the decrease in Covid cases in California, beginning Monday, March 14th, California schools will no longer require the use of masks for both employees and students regardless of vaccination status. YCSC will follow the current state guidelines and will no longer require, but strongly recommend, the use of masks amongst staff and students. Although YCSC is not requiring mask wearing, some programs are opting to continue mask use at their sites. As such, please check in with your student's YouthBuild program about their guidelines and requirements regarding mask use from this point forward.

YCSC will continue to supply N95 and KN95 masks to all sites for any students and staff members who want one.

Preworkscreen Self-Screening Updates:

Preworkscreen is the daily self-screening application that YCSC uses for monitoring symptoms and logging staff vaccination information. Each school day, students and staff are required to complete the Preworkscreen Covid-19 self-screening questionnaire.

A green check indicates that you are clear to be at school. A red X means you have potential symptoms of Covid-19 and should not be in school. If you get a red X after completing the questionnaire, you must notify your site's POC and (depending on whether you are a minor student, adult student, or a staff member) either proceed to the isolation area and take a rapid test or go home, get tested, and monitor your symptoms.

To use Preworkscreen, visit or download the Preworkscreen app, click the  "Login/Register" link on the top right, enter our school registration code: 24014, and fill out all required information. Additional information and instructions for Preworkscreen can be found in the Appendix of our Safety Plan.


Vaccination Updates:

YCSC is dedicated to upholding the standards of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in encouraging staff to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. In response to Governor Newsom’s public health order, YCSC requires staff to either be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or, for staff who opt out of taking the Covid-19 vaccine, undergo weekly PCR or antigen testing. Vaccination records and weekly Covid-19 test results for unvaccinated staff must be uploaded to Preworkscreen, the daily self screening application that YCSC uses for monitoring symptoms and logging staff vaccination information. 

YCSC students are strongly recommended, but not required, to get vaccinated against Covid-19. (As per California Governor Gavin Newsom's October 2021 announcement, all California "students will be required to be vaccinated for in-person learning starting the term following FDA full approval of the vaccine for their grade span," which will likely be effective as of July 2022.)

Covid-19 Testing Updates:

PCR Testing
YCSC currently offers PCR testing using the platform "COLOR," which is a partnership between the California Department of Public Health and the Valencia Branch Lab. PCR tests are more accurate than rapid tests (they can detect the COVID-19 virus nearly 100% of the time, including in people who are asymptomatic), but it can take longer to get the results (often several days).

Rapid Antigen Testing
The Los Angeles County Office of Education and the CDPH have partnered with Primary Health to provide YCSC sites with Abbott’s BinaxNOW rapid antigen kits. Note that rapid antigen tests are not as accurate as PCR tests (they can only detect the virus in about 80% of people with COVID-19 symptoms and in less than 50% of people who take the test when they have no symptoms), so they may produce a false negative. The plus is that rapid test results are available within 15 minutes. Please refer to the Appendix of our Safety Plan for additional instructions for rapid testing.

Testing Guidance
YCSC does not currently have a school-wide testing requirement for students and staff. It is left up to each site how they choose to use the testing options available. Sites may use rapid antigen and PCR tests to test all students regularly or when returning from an extended break, if they so choose. Or they may choose to test only as-needed, such as when staff or students are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or if they were close contacts of someone who recently tested positive for Covid-19. Any questions regarding PCR or rapid antigen tests should be directed to Tyler Hamilton at [email protected]


All staff and students will be notified of any additional updates to the safety plan and those updates will also be posted on the website. 

Our Safety Plan Documents (last updated 1/20/22):