Urban Gardening with YouthBuild Growers at the Mid-City Site

Students at the Mid-City site have had a chance to get some gardening experience as part of the YouthBuild Growers program that takes place each Friday. The YouthBuild Growers Program, in partnership with Partnership for Growth LA’s Freedom Farms program, is a hands-on urban farming program that empowers young learners with practical gardening expertise and fosters a deeper connection to nature. Over the course of the program, students participate in the full cycle of growing from seed to plate, and transform a local community garden plot into a productive urban agriculture site.

In early February, YouthBuild Growers students and staff harvested an abundance of greens that students planted at Good Earth Community Garden in 2023. Then, at Home Sweet Home YouthBuild’s Open House at McCarty Memorial Church on February 2nd, they gave away bunches of the greens to students and their families, as well as a recipe card that they can follow to cook the greens themselves. Our amazing Culinary Instructor, Chef Orlando, also cooked with the harvested greens to cater the event.

Check out photos from the garden and from the event below. You can also follow updates on the YouthBuild Growers Program via the Partnership for Growth LA's Instagram account here.

student tending to the garden

group shot of students at staff at the garden

peppers in the garden

romain lettuce plant

Displaying the garden harvest at the Mid City site's open house

closeup of lettuce and other items harvested