Student Spotlight: Edward Duran

Q: What brought you to YouthBuild/ YouthBuild Charter School of California?

Edward: I was looking for a charter school that would not just help me with my work, but also help me make something of myself.


Q: What was your experience like at your previous high school? / How was your experience at YouthBuild Charter School of California different from your previous school?

Edward: My previous experiences at my past high school were very challenging. I had trouble fitting in. I didn’t feel any sort of connection with any of the teachers or students. This gave me a very difficult time staying focused in school and getting help when I needed it. My experience at YouthBuild Charter School of California made me feel at home immediately. Once I joined, it was more than just a connection that I had with the staff or students. They made me feel like family, and I am very grateful that I had found this school.


Q: What did you think about the project-based learning and community action projects at YouthBuild Charter? What was a favorite project or CAP or APT you worked on?

Edward: I really liked the project based learning because it got me more engaged and wanting to learn more about what I was doing the APTs on. My favorite APT that I worked on was Mr. Lyle’s sports announcer voice over.


Q: What has your experience been like with the teachers and staff at YCSC?

Edward: They not only help me with my schoolwork, but they also help me become a more successful person and make me feel like family.


Q: What are some skills/lessons you’ve learned at YCSC that you think will stick with you?

Edward: To always have an open mind and appreciate everything that comes to you.


Q: What has been your favorite part of your YCSC experience so far?

Edward: Sharing laughs with the staff and students during family time.


Q: Have you participated in any job training at YCSC?

Edward: I have participated in the construction program, and it helped me become job ready and to get into the field of construction work.


Q: What are you plans for after you graduate from YouthBuild Charter School of California and how has YCSC helped prepare you for your future plans?

Edward: I plan to go to college and major in computer science to get a good job where I can see my future wife every day. YCSC has helped me become a successful person and helped me find what I was looking to do with my life.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Edward: I am very grateful for YouthBuild. I don’t know where I’d be without this program.


Edward attends YCSC's Moreno Valley site at Rising Stars Business Academy (RSBA). Click here to learn more about RSBA and find out how you can join their YouthBuild program.