December Senior Spotlight: Priscilla Reyes

Q: What brought you to YouthBuild?

Priscilla: What brought me to YouthBuild was hearing I was still able to receive a high school diploma instead of a GED.


Q: What has been your favorite YouthBuild memory?

Priscilla: My favorite memory here is the people!


Q: How did your YouthBuild Charter School experience compare to your previous school experience?
Priscilla: YouthBuild Charter teaches you more honestly than what a normal high school would. They give you more skills that you will actually use out here in the "Real" World. You have amazing staff members that treat you like family and try to do anything in their power to make sure you're good. No school can compare to this one. It's filled with more opportunities, you're around people who know LIFE happens, and they always have open arms.


Q: What did you like most about your YouthBuild Charter School experience?

Priscilla: My experience here at this amazing place has been prodigious. I would have never thought I would be in love with such a place. The amazing people you meet, the connections you are able to make. You’re surrounded by people who really care what you do with your life, and they continue to push you and make you thrive!


Q: What did you think about the project-based learning at YouthBuild Charter School? Did you have a favorite CAP (community action project)?

Priscilla: I LOVE that we give back to our community! I love the food distributions, the events that happen during the holidays, and just giving back!


Q: Who or what has helped motivate you to graduate? Share your shout-outs here!

Priscilla: I would love to give all six of my children a shout out first because they are truly the ones I'm doing this for! Next, I would love to thank ALL my teachers, Mr. Smith, Mrs. Gamit, and my school counselor Mr. McCoy, who is also my Life Coach! I’m constantly being praised and pushed out of my comfort zone to constantly be better and do better! I want to give a shout out to both of my TSAs, Esmeralda and Veronica. I’m constantly receiving useful information from them and they help me with any solutions I need help in! Also, to the wonderful staff members I work with that constantly motivate me, giving me wisdom and helping me to succeed in this so-called life!!! My supervisor Greg, Caroline and our Director Shawn!