Remembering Irving Alvarez, Class of 2023

In Remembrance of Irving Alvarez

by Principal Tizoc Brenes
The words that immediately come to mind when I attempt to describe Irving and the light that emanated from his soul are passionate, loving, and leader. He was passionate about all of his endeavors and those of his fellow classmates. He would talk to students and staff members for hours about historical and political topics that interested him. He was excited about his recent enrollment in community college where he could delve even deeper in these topics.
He was a loving and caring friend to our students, often encouraging them in their projects and in the recording studio. At Koreatown, he would call or offer rides to students and was seen as a "big brother" who held them lovingly accountable. He would sit with students to translate instructions into Spanish, provide one on one support, or join the class in an art project.
Irving was a powerful and impactful young leader in Los Angeles. He was deeply involved in many young leader networks, including the Brothers Sons Selves Coalition, YJC's LOBOS, and many other statewide movements for social and educational justice. At YCSC, we aim to connect all of our young leaders to skills and networks to transform the world. Irving truly embraced, represented, and exceeded this. He enthusiastically promoted our school and vision that students like him, who had faced many challenges, including involvement in the justice system and housing instability, gave them unique insight and passion to fundamentally improve the lives of our communities.
We no longer have Irving to lead us, but the memory of him will inspire us!!!
Irving Alvarez RIP

Read More About Irving's Life from Our Partners at the Youth Justice Coalition

For years, Irving has been a friend, leader, organizer, facilitator, mentor, and freedom fighter in youth and community justice spaces here in L.A. and across the state. 

Originally from the state of Georgia, Irving was introduced to movement spaces right here at Chuco’s Justice Center, as a formerly incarcerated young person seeking resources through our Welcome Home LA program. 

He eventually enrolled in our on site school at FREE LA High/ YouthBuild Charter and then became a YJC L.O.B.O.S Youth Organizer, stepping onto the frontlines of dozens of campaigns around police violence, Youth sentencing, the war on youth, war on gangs, youth development, probation oversight, ballot measures, ending the school to jail track and many more. On a constant quest for knowledge & learning- Irv also continued his education career at the High School for Recording Arts & Long Beach City College.

As Big Irv continued to grow his leadership skills & expanding his reach after being hired by Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition to co-lead their first Youth Justice Fellowship in 2023 & also joining the first cohort of LA Youth Uprising Youth Leadership fellowship this year!

These are only a few of Irving’s endless contributions to our collective healing & justice work. He was truly a movement butterfly-diving head first into new experiences, organizations, coalitions, partnerships & spaces of healing.
If you'd like to help Irving's family with funeral expenses, including travel from Georgia to Los Angeles, click here to donate on GoFundMe.