Community Action Project Spotlight: Fresno Site's Halloween Safe Night Out Event

Fresno student Ahmad Dimery provided this write-up about the event: "I was a captain for the 'Dark Walk' Halloween event at YCSC-Fresno EOC LCC. We also had the 'Brave Space' haunted mental hospital. It was fun. Last year 3,500 people showed up, and this year there were 4,000 people. A lot of people wanted to come again next year. I'll say that everyone loved it, including the students and staff. It was very fun to do for the community."
Shoutout to the students for doing such an amazing job with the planning, decorating, and final production! Check out some photos from the event preparations below:
Students and staff setting up a coffin for the event
students pose in scary Halloween costumes
the reception area decorated with cobwebs and spooky decor
parents and children in Halloween costumes lined up outside the event
students and staff dressed in scary Halloween costumes
the Kid Zone decorated with balloons
setting up a Halloween display
a spooky display called the YouthBuild Mental Hospital
a schedule of the day's event and prep
ABC 30 provided some coverage of the event, which you can check out below:
Show Transcript