Student Spotlight: Osmara Batres

Osmara is a 26-year-old senior currently enrolled at our Palmdale site at Antelope Valley YouthBuild/ Advancing Communities Together. Read our full Q&A with Osmara below!


Q: What has your experience at YouthBuild been like so far?

Osmara: My experience at YouthBuild has been great. I have experienced so much care and support from everyone.


Q: Did you face any major challenges/obstacles that disrupted your education prior to coming to YouthBuild?

Osmara: I wouldn’t call it an obstacle, but I became a mom and my focus was on them rather than my education.


Q: How did you hear about YouthBuild?

Osmara: I found YouthBuild through a friend.


Q: What was a favorite project or CAP (community action project)?

Osmara: Everything was great. I can’t pick a favorite. I love how we work in groups and learn how to be around people that have different ideas.


Q: What did you like about the teachers/staff at YouthBuild Charter?

Osmara: The teachers are very supportive and care so much, not just for you, but your education as well.


Q: What are some of the skills/lessons you learned at YouthBuild Charter School of California that you think will stick with you?

Osmara: Being in front of people and talking about my background made me have more confidence in myself.


Q: What was your favorite memory at YouthBuild Charter School?

Osmara: Just being there and having people make you feel welcomed was and is my favorite memory.


Q: What are you plans for after you graduate from YouthBuild?

Osmara: My plans are to look for a job and be able to provide for my family. Having a diploma will definitely help me get a good job.