Grad Spotlight: Sharnel Jones

Q: What brought you to YouthBuild Charter School of California?
Sharnel: My brother inspired me to go back to get my high school diploma, so that’s what brought me to YouthBuild. I left my previous schools because I wasn’t focused. I didn’t like to attend classes with large amounts of people in the classrooms. My kids also made me want to go back enroll to get my high school diploma.

Q: What did you like most about your YouthBuild Charter School of California experience?
Sharnel: What I liked most about my YouthBuild Charter Schoo experience l is that the teachers really work with you. and if you really need help with something they will help you. They will take your time and show you how to do and have patience with everything.
Q: What was your favorite YouthBuild memory?
Sharnel: My favorite YouthBuild memory was doing the Breast  Cancer  Awareness Walk in October 2022.
Q: How did your YouthBuild experience compare to your previous school experiences?
Sharnel: My YouthBuild experience was a great experience. I’d do it again if I had to! My previous school experience wasn't like that. I didn’t like it at all. I never liked to get up to go to school, but YouthBuild made me want to get there in order to achieve my goals and feel accomplished.
Q: What are some of the skills/lessons you learned at YouthBuild Charter School of California that you think will stick with you?
Sharnel: I learned a lot of skills from YouthBuild Charter of California. How to be a leader, how to show someone how to do something, how to interact with people, social skills, customer service, how to be patient, and how to listen.
Q: Who or what has helped motivate you to graduate?
Sharnel: All my teachers helped to motivate me and push me, especially Mrs. Gamit and Mr. McCoy. Every day they'd say, "You got this Sharnel! You can do it. Keep going. Don’t worry about it. You’re gonna finish on time." That’s all I needed to hear to push me there, and look at me now!
Q: What are your plans after graduation?
Sharnel: After I graduate, I plan to go to Fresno City College for child development or social work. I want to earn the credits I need to either work in a daycare or help kids. I love kids.