Now Enrolling for 2023-24: It's Not Too Late to Graduate!

Our summer recruitment campaign launched on Metro trains, buses, and digital kiosks across Los Angeles in July. Have you spotted our "It's not too late to graduate" ads on your Metro commute? 
Metro rail riders on a train with our ad
a digital kiosk with our adCheck out more photos of our Metro ads here

The school year starts for most of our 16 school sites on August 28th, so there's still plenty of time to enroll. Encourage any friends or family members you have who need their diploma to call/text us at 213-741-2600 or fill out our online enrollment interest form today.
We know that young people drop out or are pushed out of school for a wide variety of reasons. Some students drop out when they get pregnant or to care for a family member. Others age out of the traditional school system. Some students feel like they have to leave school to get a job so they can support their family. Others feel like they've been pushed out of school due to bullying or falling behind in their classes. We've heard students say that they never had a teacher who believed in them or thought they'd amount to anything, so they left school because they felt like they didn't belong there. Some students are immigrants struggling to keep up in class while they learn English and adjust to living in a new country. Others may have been impacted by the juvenile justice system, which interrupted their studies.
Whatever reason you may have had for leaving school before, just know that at YouthBuild Charter School of California, we'll accept you with open arms whenever you're ready to return to your studies and finish your diploma. Our doors are open all year long. All you have to do is call or stop by one of our 17 school sites and a counselor can talk to you about enrolling.

Not sure if YouthBuild Charter School of California is right for you? Let some our graduates tell you what their experience was like...

"The teachers never gave up on me year after year pushing me to graduate. My previous school's teachers were there for their check. YouthBuild teachers are there to see you succeed." - Jose Q., a 2023 graduate from our El Monte site at SGVCC 
"The staff were amazing. They helped in every way they could, and if they couldn't, they would find a way. YouthBuild is a different experience. It's more diverse and actually cares about not just your education, but yourself and your wellbeing." - Yoselin R., a 2022 graduate from our Canoga Park site at RUTH YouthBuild 
"The staff were very helpful, and the environment was very home-like. I felt like I was part of something really unique that really cared about my success. My other school was less supportive and I didn't get much individual assistance like I did at YouthBuild." - Brandon P., age 20, a 2023 graduate from our Moreno Valley site at Rising Stars Business Academy
"I left my previous school because I wasn't focused and I didn't like attending when there were large amounts of people in the classroom. My kids made me want to go back and enroll to get my high school diploma. What I like most about YouthBuild Charter School is that the teachers really work with you, and if you really need help with something, they will help you. They will take their time and show you how to do it and have patience with everything. I never liked to get up to go to school, but YouthBuild makes me want to get there in order to achieve my goals and feel accomplished. Every day my teachers would say, 'You got this, Sharnel! You can do it. Keep going. Don't worry about it. You're going to finish.' That's all I needed to hear to push me there, and look at me now!" - Sharnel J., age 26, a 2023 graduate from our Fresno site at Fresno EOC LCC
"I didn't finish at my previous school because I dropped out my senior year. After awhile of being jobless and going through a couple of life situations, I decided to continue my education at YouthBuild Charter School. I liked that I could bring my daughter to school, that the hours were flexible (communicate if you need flexible hours), and most of all, I have felt welcomed and not an outcast like in other schools." - Jennifer V., age 24, a 2023 graduate from our Pomona site at SGVCC  
"It's nothing compared to a regular school. It's much better. There's one on one support and they are always looking out for you. You feel welcome as soon as you enter the space." - Yahaira S., age 19, a 2023 graduate from our site at the Youth Justice Coalition  
"The teachers treated me like family. That showed that they really cared about me as an individual, who they took the time to know, instead of just another of many students. YouthBuild is more family-oriented. It's more one-on-one. I had teachers that cared at my previous school, but not like YouthBuild. Benny, Jared, and Big Will, for instance, would stop me when I was having a bad day and ask what was wrong. Other schools wouldn't care at that level." - Tesh B., a 2023 graduate from our Moreno Valley site at Rising Stars Business Academy
So what are you waiting for? Enroll today!