Dancing With The Grads: Our Official YouthBuild Graduation Song of 2023

Shot on BMPCC 6K
Date of Shoot: May, 2023

Producer(s): Jordan Lyles
Songwriter(s): Jordan Lyles
Performed by The Students at Rising Stars Business Academy, Tamirah Mata’utia, Denise Hamilton, & Jordan Lyles

“After my first official day of teaching, during my drive back home, I found myself laughing. I remembered when I was a child, I had a favorite TV show called Class of 3000. It was a cartoon created by Andre 3000. In a nutshell, the show was about a superstar music sensation who left his career behind after growing tired of the music industry. He eventually, became a music teacher and role model for a group of students at a school of performing arts in his hometown, Atlanta. As a child, I used to run in the house to make sure I didn’t miss the episode premieres. I had the dialogue and songs memorized word for word. On my 9th birthday, my older sister got me a Class of 3000 tee shirt; I wore it out until it was dingy and the print was peeling off. I loved that shirt. I remember they even had this little computer game on the internet called Funk Box. The game would let you make beats with all the character’s instruments from the TV show. At the time, I didn’t even realize I was being taught how to produce music through an adobe flash player computer game. Now, here I am in the present time, a music teacher, teaching students how to produce.”

— Jordan Lyles, Excerpt from the Book entitled “Baby Boys With Hoop Dreams” (Chapter 7, Page 158)

Special Thanks to the team at 4Learning & Rising Stars Business Academy.