T1 Community Action Project Spotlight: Fresno and Palmdale Sites

About Our Community Action Projects

At the beginning of each trimester, YCSC teachers work together to form one “essential question” for all of their courses to guide how learners will engage in a course study. Students and teachers work together throughout the trimester to explore answers to their essential questions– questions about leadership, the balance of power, and social justice.  As the trimester draws to a close, students work together on their “Community Action Project”(CAP), which involves the whole school site working to serve the community and is typically related to the site’s “essential question.” 

Featured Community Action Projects From Trimester 1 (2022-23):

“Beautiful Struggles: Seeking Safety Together” (Palmdale site at Antelope Valley YouthBuild)

This CAP explored how students and staff at Antelope Valley YouthBuild could spark meaningful connections with the community when faced with diverse viewpoints. Their December 15th CAP event involved a presentation and dialogue with the police in an effort to share information and increase understanding between the police and the local community – in particular, the subject of community safety. Organizations who participated in their capstone event included Mental Health America of Los Angeles, Three Hart Connection, Tarzana Treatment Center, City of Palmdale Public Safety, County of Los Angeles Fire Department, and the Palmdale Sheriff’s Department. Check out photos from their CAP below:

A student speaks to a sheriff at a table during the CAP

A table of people from the non-profit MHALA

 A Palmdale sheriff speaks on stage students talk to staff at a booth students talking to a staff member at the MHALA table


“Halloween Safe Night Out” (Fresno site at Fresno EOC LCC)

YCSC’s Fresno site explored the essential question of: “How are you preparing for your career pathways and mindset?" Their Trimester 1 CAP was a Halloween Safe Night Out event, which took place in Fresno on October 31st with over 2,500 people participating. The event was hosted by the YCSC’s program partner, Fresno Local Conservation Corps, and featured the participation of many other organizations, including the Fresno Police Department, West Fresno Family Resource Center, Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back to Life, Safe Place, Take a Stand Committee, Parks After School Recreation Community Services, Saint Rest Baptist Church, CalViva and Fresno PAL. In line with their Trimester 1 essential question, YCSC students did a great job with collaborative planning, leadership, teamwork, career preparation, positive mindset and empathy in reaching out and connecting to the community. The students showcased their creative art skills and expertise by putting together a YCSC Haunted House, YCSC Emergency Hospital and graveyard for the event. Check out photos and a flyer from the event below:

A flyer for the Safe Night Out Event

a photo of students dressed in scary costumes outside their Haunted House

the exterior of the haunted house featuring cobwebs and skulls

a parent takes photos of her young children dressed in costumes