YCSC's Student Art Contest

What does YouthBuild mean to you?

That was the prompt that inspired eighteen YouthBuild Charter School of California student artists to create the artwork below. Voting for the contest took place on our Facebook and Instagram pages from 11/10 - 11/14. The winner was Angelo Mendoza of SBWIB YouthBuild; 2nd place was Brenda G. from Compton YouthBuild, and 3rd place went to Nicholas Vargas. YCSC's leadership team also awarded a special jury prize to Michael Gonzales from Fresno EOC LCC. 

Kai, AV YouthBuildArtwork by Kai


Maria G., Compton YouthBuildartwork by Maria G


Crystal A., Compton YouthBuildartwork by Crystal A


Mia M., Compton YouthBuild artwork by Mia M


Josefina L., Compton YouthBuildartwork by Josefina


Claudia R., Compton YouthBuildartwork by Claudia


Brenda G., Compton YouthBuildartwork by Brenda G


Angela J., Compton YouthBuildartwork by Angela J


Marilyn M., Compton YouthBuildartwork by Marilyn M.


Michael Gonzales, Fresno EOC LCCartwork by Michael Gonzales


Angela Estrella, SBWIB YouthBuildArtwork by Angela


Nicholas Vargas, SBWIB YouthBuildArtwork by Nicholas


Angelo Mendoza, SBWIB YouthBuildArtwork by Angelo


Carlos Escobar, SBWIB YouthBuildartwork by Carlos


Daniel Aleman, SBWIB YouthBuildArtwork by Daniel


Joseph Beasley, SBWIB YouthBuildArtwork by Joseph


Mikey Oscos, SBWIB YouthBuildartwork by Mikey


Jolene Quesada, YouthBuild Inland EmpireArtwork by Jolene