Graduate Spotlight: Anthony Pinto

Interview with Anthony Pinto

Anthony is a June 2022 graduate from our Lennox site at SBWIB YouthBuild. 
Q: What brought you to YouthBuild Charter School of California?
Anthony: I was kicked out of my previous school and my probation officer recommended SBWIB YouthBuild because it would be different.
Q: What was your favorite YouthBuild memory?
Anthony: My favorite memory was getting to meet new people and attending the construction site.
Q: What are some of the skills/lessons you learned at YouthBuild that you think will stick with you?
Anthony: Attending the leadership classes at YouthBuild allowed me to build my confidence and prepare for my
career after graduation. The life skills lessons with Zoe allowed me to develop leadership skills.
Q: Who or what helped motivate you to graduate? 
Anthony: My Dad, Mother, and Grandmother have been my biggest supporters. Especially when I was struggling, they always encouraged me to never give up on my education because in the future my education will help me have a great career
Q: What are your future plans?
Anthony: My plans after I graduate are to develop my trade for the union. I am interested in plumbing and
Photo of Anthony Pinto wearing a Dodgers hat