Senior Spotlight: Daisy Abigail Barrera-Torres

Q&A with Senior Daisy Abigail Barrera Torres 

Q: What brought you to YouthBuild? 
A: A friend referred me.
Q: What did you like most about your YouthBuild Charter School of California experience? / What was your favorite YouthBuild memory?
When I first came to YouthBuild I never raised my hand nor did I answer questions. I remember being in a joint class with Ms.M and Shufelt and they asked a question. No one raised their hand to answer so I raised my hand and it was the first time I actually listened and knew the answer. When my teachers were proud of my response it gave me hope. It showed me that I’m capable of being smart. Now I can’t stop answering questions, I have the best grades that I’ve ever had, and I’m the first in my family to graduate high school. 
Q: What are some of the skills/lessons you learned at YouthBuild Charter School of California that you think will stick with you?
A: I learned that I’m resilient. I became an orphan that had no responsibilities to having to pay bills in one day. I didn’t quit in school and I even got a job. I learned that there’s nothing that this world throws at me that will hold me back from being resilient. I learn problem solving skills. I learned compassion when I’m helping my peers, I’ve learned leadership, and how to advocate/ be a voice for people who cannot speak up.
Q: Who or what has helped motivate you to graduate? You can use this section to give any shout outs as well.
A: My biggest motivation was survival, but I also remember having a conversation with my late mother and she told me how her biggest wish in my life was to see me make it. I did this for her. Even though she cannot see me walk on stage, I know that she would be so proud of me. Shout outs to : Ms. Ashley, Ms. M, Ms. Julia, Mr. Frank Alvarez, Ms.Cynthia, Ms. Hadia, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Erica, Ms. Sorie, Mr. JJ, Mr.Shear, Mr. Jose Gonzales, Mr. Johnny, Ms.June, Mr.Conner, Ms. Michelle Miranda, Mr.Fuentes, Ms.Janitha, Ms. Helen Lopez, Mr. Vanray Murphy, Lois Ilbarra, Iris Torres, Carlos Barrera, and Joshua Torres.
Q: What are your plans after graduation?
A: My plan after graduating is finishing my AA degree at LAPC, Then I will be transferring to a university to major in psychology with a minor in ethics and moral philosophy.