Student Q&A: Shyanne Seyler, Class of 2022

Q&A with Shyanne Seyler

Shyanne Seyler, age 20, is currently a senior at our Fresno site (at Fresno EOC LCC). She will be graduating in June 2022.

Q: What was your experience at your previous school(s) like? How was your experience at YouthBuild Charter School different?

Shyanne: My experiences at my previous schools were nothing like the experiences I've been able to have here at Youthbuild Charter School. For example, [at YCSC] I was able to go out to Sacramento and represent Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps.


Q: Did you face any major challenges/obstacles that disrupted your education?

Shyanne: Yes, becoming a mother at an early age when I was wasn't finished with school


Q: What brought you to YouthBuild Charter School of California?

Shyanne: I found out about Youthbuild Charter School of California through a family friend. I came here because I wanted to finish school and also become a better person for myself and daughter.


Q: What did you think about the project based learning and CAPs (community action projects) at YouthBuild Charter School of California? Did you have a favorite CAP?

Shyanne: I feel like its pretty nice that we get to be able to learn a lot of different subjects. My favorite project was being able to build homes.


Q: What did you like about the teachers/staff at YCSC?

Shyanne: I really appreciate the teachers and staff for all that they do. Because of them being here, I am proud that I came back to school and I will be graduating this year.


Q: What are some of the skills/lessons you learned at YouthBuild Charter School of California that you think will stick with you?

Shyanne: One of the biggest lessons I have learned here at YouthBuild Charter School of California is never give up on your goals and dreams and keep pushing who you want to become.


Q: What were you favorite memories/ what did you like best about your experience at YCSC?

Shyanne: What I like about best being here was being a part of building homes for the low income, being a part of the three day project with Washington DC, and lastly going Sacramento to represent for Fresno EOC Local Conservation Corps LCC/ YouthBuild Charter School of California.


Q: What are you plans for after you graduate from YouthBuild Charter School of California and how has YouthBuild Charter helped prepare you for your future plans?

Shyanne: My plan after I graduate is working at my dream job, which is to become a OBGYN. YouthBuild Charter School of California has helped me with my future plans because they gave me a second chance to finish school and also gave me the opportunity to start a Sterile Processing Technician program here [at Fresno EOC LCC].