Student Spotlight: Yashimah G.

When asked about her experience at SBWIB YouthBuild in Lennox, Yashimah said it “has helped me to seek better education and to strive tremendously."
“The services that I found most helpful are the support teachers provided to help me find the confidence within myself. I was horrible at time management, and still am this very day, but I’ve improved after all the help, tips, and tricks that each YouthBuild staff member has given me. The results in the service I received are a rise in good grades compared to my past years in school. I can say the reason for my results would be the teachers. I am so excited to learn in SBWIB YouthBuild’s great environment, and it really feels like home to me. SBWIB YouthBuild is more like a family than a school.”

In addition to attending our school, Yashimah also participates in SBWIB YouthBuild’s DoL Construction Training program. Participants in the program have the opportunity to obtain industry-recognized NCCER Construction Certification or MC3 Certificate. As part of the construction training, students help rebuild homes for low-income families by volunteering with for Habitat for Humanity for Greater Los Angeles, SBWIB's worksite partner, in building homes for low-income families.
"The construction program has taught me to fix minor repairs at home that I did not know about before,” Yashimah said. “It’s really nice to know that there are still teachers that care that would give you that one on one help. Rafael has even taught me about cars and plumbing.”

If you live in Lennox, Inglewood, Hawthorne, Westchester or the surrounding areas and are looking to finish high school and earn your diploma, give SBWIB YouthBuild a call at 310-225-3060 or visit them online here.
Yashimah posing with her teachers