Lennox Students Take an Environmental Awareness Day Trip to the Beach

Students and staff from our Lennox site at South Bay WIB YouthBuild took an Environmental Awareness day trip to Dockweiler Beach on November 4 where they talked about the environmental challenges facing Californians. As part of the field trip, teachers shared info with students in the form of trivia questions on climate change, greenhouse gasses, wildfires, severe drought, pollution and other environmental topics, such as recycling and choosing hybrid or other types of cars that won't rely on gasoline. Students earned free dress passes and classwork passes and had lots of fun on the shoreline. They played badminton, football, and soccer, laid out on blankets, and enjoyed music, good food and stimulating conversations. It was a blast.
Humanities teacher Natasha Cabral said, “We didn't have the sunshine, but we had each other, and it was just the respite we needed to help us feel like we are coming out of the Covid Era with success!”
Check out some photos from the trip below. 
Lennox teachers Tim Mendelsohn and Natasha Cabral
Lennox students and staff
students pose on the beach
A Lennox student gets ready to throw a football on the beach
students play soccer on the beach
students and staff play badminton on the beach
teacher Natasha Cabral playing badminton with a student
students and staff relaxing on the beach
students eat lunch on the beach
teacher Natasha Cabral flashes the peace sign outside the school bus at the beach