South LA Students and Staff Celebrate Día de los Muertos

Our South LA site teachers and students are focusing on the theme of how communities heal from trauma as part of their CAP (community action project) this year. In exploring this theme, they built a community altar (also known as ofrenda) at their school campus for Día de los Muertos (see photo below.)
Photo of South LA students with their community ofrenda
On Tuesday, November 2, they took a field trip to Grand Park in Downtown LA to see the community altars there, including one for LA’s stolen youth. After enjoying a lunch at Grand Park, they walked over to Placita Olvera to view more community ofrendas and check out Olvera Street, an historic place in LA that many of them had never been to before.
Students pose outside of Grand Park
While there, they happened to run into legendary Univisión News reporter Jorge Ramos, who kindly took the time to speak with our students about the significance of Día de los Muertos and about the power of using their voice to bring about change.
Students pose with journalist Jorge Ramos
A huge shout out to our South LA teachers, Kekai Bryant, Rico Santangelo, Bernardo Trujillo, and Drew Dillon (and counselor Maria Garcia) for organizing this incredible trip and for all that you do for our young people. We can’t wait to see how your CAP process continues this year!  Check out more photos from the trip below.
a community altar at Grand Park
students eating lunch at Olvera Street
an ofrenda shaped like a skeleton at Grand Park
students pose near an altar at Grand Park