STEM Teacher Derek Featherstun is a Champion Both In and Out of the Classroom

Our teachers have many talents, both in and out of the classroom. Earlier this month, our talented STEM teacher Derek Featherstun won the 2021 No Gi Master Black Belt World Championship at the World No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship in Dallas, representing Pedigo Submission Fighting!
For the past several years, Derek has taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to students at our Avalon/Mary B. Henry Academy campus, where Pedigo Submission Fighting (BJJ, self defense, bully proofing) is officially part of their Life Skills class. Derek believes in the transformative power of jiu jitsu both on and off the mats. Hard work, teamwork, sacrifice, problem solving, learning from mistakes, and being humble all come with the territory and serve our students well.
You can check out more photos and videos of Derek training YouthBuild students on the MBHA YouthBuild Instagram page.
Thank you, Derek, for all that you do for our young people and congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!