Congratulations to Our Class of 2020-21!

Below is a message to our Class of 2020-21 from our leadership team.
Dear Graduate,

We want to congratulate you for your commitment to successfully graduating
high school! This is another step in your journey, your story, your trajectory in
this life and in this world. Only you know what it took to get here. Some of you
had to work while attending school. Some of you had to take care of children,
parents or younger siblings. Some of you had to learn English in order to finish
your assignments. Some of you went to school while you remained active and
involved in your community. Many of you had to navigate personal challenges
while tackling academic ones. On top of personal challenges in your own life,
you faced historic challenges in our country and our world right now – a
global pandemic, schools moving online, police violence, an economic
downturn, to name a few. You faced challenges that students in the future will
study in their history classes. You had to overcome all of that to earn your high
school diploma, so we celebrate you! We celebrate your grit. We celebrate
your resilience. We celebrate your commitment, your intelligence, and your
strength in overcoming a multitude of obstacles to earn this diploma.
While working towards your diploma, you should never forget that you
completed your education during a pandemic because it can serve as a
lasting reminder that we can overcome all of life’s challenges. There are
always more challenges and obstacles in this life, but if you remember that
this year you were relentlessly pushed through to finish this task, you will be
able to do the same for anything you face in the future. Although we know
that there were so many friends and family that may have been there to
support you, never forget that it was you who finished this! You did it!
Ultimately, we all want the very best for you in this life, but we also want you
to be the very best role models for as many people as possible. As you
graduate, you are already taking a step in that direction. Class of 2020-2021,
congratulations and we wish you all the best in everything you do!


Phil Matero, Founder/CEO of YouthBuild Charter School of California
Dr. Rudy Cuevas, Superintendent
Dr. Sonia Hernandez, Principal
Tizoc Brenes, Principal