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Distance Learning

YouthBuild Charter School of California (YCSC) is authorized to use a project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum model that relies on authentic assessment and applied learning for any and all local community contexts.  By utilizing an instructional methodology that is intended to be responsive to any social phenomenon, YCSC students are always empowered to take what they learn in the classroom into their communities to promote social change through volunteerism and advocacy.  The culmination of young people applying academic content to propose new solutions to current inequity is an intentional effort to allow for young people to practice taking a an active leadership role in their local communities.

Forever committed to the above mission, YCSC has taken this difficult time and repurposed it as an opportunity from which we not only rely on our strengths but from which we build on YCSC’s best practices to make them even stronger.  In essence, YCSC is not retreating from the current challenges but making the current pandemic and the issues of racial division foundational elements of the current educational discourse. Our young people have always been able to better describe the inequity that has existed in their communities and we are currently able to tap into that same skillset as they help us seize this as a teachable moment to allow young people to take a leadership role with regard to the political, economic, and social phenomenon related to COVID-19.

It is imperative for YCSC to not only prepare young people to better respond to crises by relying on our historic ability to center the educational discourse on social phenomenon (like this current pandemic) but to also couple those transformative efforts with a nurturing and supportive environment.  Ultimately, what we are providing is more than just an educational resource for young people and their families but a holistic set of services. The latter engagement and nurturing efforts are also part and parcel of what YCSC is providing its staff during this difficult time. 

When YCSC made the decision to switch its educational program to distance learning, it was a not only a decision made to be responsive to state and local guidance with respect to COVID-19 but also a commitment to continue to operate in service of the young people and communities we serve across California. While continuing to evaluate CDE guidance, local and national recommendations to its current operational setup, YCSC is committed to making the most thoughtful and strategic plan to move forward with 20/21 instructional plans.