New Year, New You: 10 Reasons Why You Should Drop Back Into School

Did you know that YouthBuild Charter School of California has year-round open enrollment? That means you can enroll with us at any time, whether or not the school year or trimester has already begun. It also means that you have NO EXCUSES for waiting to go back to school. If you are between the ages of 16-24, live in Greater L.A., Fresno, San Diego, Riverside or San Bernardino, and need your high school diploma, why not make it your New Year’s resolution to drop back into school! If you need more reasons to enroll, just check out our list below.


Have questions or aren’t sure where to start? We got you! Just call or text 213-741-2600 and someone will help answer any questions you have and refer you to the campus nearest you.

10 reasons why you should drop back into school at YouthBuild Charter:

1.) You can earn your high school diploma FOR FREE! That’s right, FREE! As a public charter school, all of our education services are offered at no cost to students.







2.) You can find a classroom environment that meets your needs. Small class sizes? We’ve got that. Flexible schedule options? We can work with you. Working full time and need to enroll in independent studies? You can do that at YouthBuild Charter!










3.) You can receive free job training in construction. Students who are interested in a career in construction or the building trades can get all the training they need at YouthBuild Charter School of California’s Construction Academy. Through our partnership with the Los Angeles and Orange County Building Trades, we offer students an opportunity to take classes in our MC3 (Multi Craft Core Curriculum) Pre-Apprenticeship Program, as well as hands-on construction training and certifications in first aid, CPR, and OSHA. Once you’ve graduated from the MC3 program and Construction Academy, our partnerships with the local unions and building trades can help you get an apprenticeship or full-time job.







4.) You can get a free bus pass or Metro TAP card. Any student who enrolls at YouthBuild Charter School of California and uses public transit to get to school is eligible for free public transit passes.








5.) You will get free breakfast and lunch. Regardless of whether or not you qualify for free lunch, we offer free meals to all students who need them.







6.) You will find a unique project-based learning environment. Unlike many continuation schools, which are packet-based, we do not use packets or tests. Instead, we use project-based, hands-on learning that is rooted in social justice and community action. Class sizes are small (on average a 12:1 student to teacher ratio) and classroom learning is interactive and engaging. Many students note that they have an easier time catching up on their credits at our school than at packet-based schools because they feel like they have a teacher who truly cares about them and wants them to succeed.









7.) You can earn a high school diploma, not a GED. That’s right, even if you are 24, you can still earn a high school diploma at our school.








8.) You can find many of the same opportunities you would at a traditional high school. Feel like you missed out on all the fun your friends had going to Grad Night or Prom? We’ve got you covered! At YouthBuild Charter School of California, you have the opportunity to go on field trips, participate in student activities, attend prom, go to Disneyland for Grad Night and walk across the stage to get your diploma at a graduation ceremony.







9.) You can receive counseling services. We have MSW (Master’s of Social Work) interns and school counselors at each of our 20 sites. They are there for you as a resource any time you need them. Feeling stressed? Struggling with substance abuse? Looking for affordable childcare? They can help! Just set up an appointment to talk to them.








10.) You can find a second family. Many of our students and graduates tell us that YouthBuild Charter feels more like a family than a school. If you ask most students what’s the first word that comes to their head when they hear YouthBuild, they’ll likely say “family.” That’s because at YouthBuild Charter School of California, you’ll find teachers, counselors, staff, and peers who truly care about you and want to see you be successful. We know that not all of our students have friends and family who support them, but at YouthBuild, they find a second home.









So what are you waiting for? Call us, text us, knock on our door. We want to welcome you to the YouthBuild family!